Trevor Puryear
Trevor Puryear
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Meet Trevor Puryear, a true native Nevadan with an innate love for the outdoors and an unyielding passion for enjoying life to the fullest. As a dedicated real estate professional, Trevor approaches his work with a proactive mindset, ensuring that he goes above and beyond to take care of his clients.

Trevor's commitment to excellence is evident in his meticulous approach to property research, leaving no stone unturned to minimize surprises for his clients. His proactive stance has earned him raving reviews, a testament to his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Beyond the realm of real estate, you'll often find Trevor basking in the sunshine at the Elk's Lodge pool, carving through the snowy slopes on skis, exploring the wilderness on a snowmobile, or embracing the thrill of the hunt. His zest for life extends to quality moments spent with his wife and son, creating lasting memories in the picturesque landscapes of Nevada.

Trevor Puryear is not just a real estate professional; he's a Nevadan who embodies the spirit of the region and shares that enthusiasm with those around him. Whether guiding clients through property transactions or enjoying the great outdoors, Trevor brings a genuine love for life to everything he does.